HyperModernity., HyperNormalization, HyperNormalisation, HyperOpera - 1927 Finnegans Wake applied to 2024 Reality understanding.

Did Rick Roderick in 1993 predict the social end of the world in 1995, and did September 11, 2001 end it?

Did the 2010 Arab Spring in North Africa rekindle authentic Internet life, but then be squelched and shut down in Syria in 2011?

Did the Internet Research Agency in March 2013 start to use Surkov techniques, exported against the entire World Wide Web?

In 2012 did Donald Trump marry Kremlin's Surkov / Internet Research Agency to Cambridge Analytica?

Does 1968 "War and Peace in the Global Village" 1968 provide a education/teaching solution to all this?

What to teach and educate in the 2024 aftermath of Cambridge Analytica  and Internet Research Agency?

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